I’m a Software Engineer with large experience developing games who focuses on engineering as a service. I truly enjoy working on interdisciplinary teams and collaborating with artists and designers to build robust, modular systems that allow everyone to contribute to the final result. I have experience with Core and Gameplay programming, much of my experience, and interest, has been working on non-traditional platforms with unique interfaces. Some of these include VR/AR and other prototype projects.

I have a sharp eye for details, excellent ability to deal with stressful situations, supportive and enthusiastic team player dedicated to streamlining process and efficiently resolving project issues. Willing to take ownership of core components.

Unity Certified Developer

May 2017 – May 2019
License 201705UCD2037


C#, Unity3D, GamePlay Programming, IA, Game Core Programming, Tools, Gear VR, Mobile, Version Control

Professional Experience

StoryToys - Oct 2017 - Present

Unity Engineer

Currently working as Unity Engineer developing rich books featuring interactivity, games, puzzles and other innovative features for children’s learning. I also evaluate interface between mobile/tablets hardware and software

Technical Environment: Unity3D, C#, Mercurial, Source Tree, Git, Visual Studio, iOS, Android

Black River Studios - Nov 2014 - Oct 2017

Software Engineer

Responsible for game development and team management at Samsung’s exclusive games studio. I left due a job offer in Dublin.

On this position I interface with the leaders and directors from other areas, managing expectations, setting estimatives, providing feedback on technical possibility of implementing features and tackling the technical challenges the game being developed brings to the team.

  • Developed for the following technologies: Samsung’s Gear VR with Unity3D
  • Worked as Audio Programmer, doing the interface between Audio Director and Engineering Team.
  • Worked on plugins, tools and framework used by all Black River Studios teams.

Technical Environment: Unity3D, C#, Git & Perforce, Visual Studio and FMOD.

Pipa Studios - Aug 2014 - Oct 2014

Game Developer

Creator of Praia Bingo and Casino Magic, featuring a huge unique players online base between Apple Store, Google Play Store and Facebook. Indie Studio focused on bingo and casino games.

  • Developed new features for Praia Bingo and Casino Magic; Both client-server side
  • User Interface implementation
  • Bug Fixing

Technical Environment: Starling Framework, ActionScript 3.0, Adobe Flash, Java

Hive Digital Media - Jun 2012 - Jul 2014

Game Developer

One of the biggest market company for adventure and serious games in Brazil. The reason I left was that the game studios was shut down in July 2014.

  • Developed games using Flash platform with ActionScript 3.0
  • Developed games using Unity Platform with C#
  • Prototype using Cocos2DX Framework
  • Server side development for online games integrated with SmartFox
  • Server side development with PHP for online games

Technical Environment: ActionScript 3.0, C#, Unity3D, SmartFox, Java

2Mundos - Apr 2012 - Jun 2012

Game Developer

Indie mobile studio, creator of Mind Racer

  • Developed gameplay and social features for Mind Racer

Webcore Games - Jan 2012 - Apr 2012

Game Developer

  • Short term contract developing interactive entertainment experience for children.

PixFly - Mar 2011 - Dec 2011


  • Developed gameplay and social features for NetCartas