You can hear the champagne glasses clicking and smell the finest hors d’oeuvres. In the party, musicians are performing Bach flawlessly. Every painting, garment, and piece of decor around you is the best and the most expensive available. But a poisoned glass of wine will change everything you know. Your senses are numbing and your life is fading away, while your murderer is somewhere between the party guests watching. Find the culprit, discover the reason, seek revenge. Rococo VR is an experiment that we made with love and with the time available between projects. If you enjoy this experience, share your thoughts! The more feedbacks we get the more are the chances of making a full game out of it.

Principal tasks

  • Bug fixing;
  • Source optimization and structure;
  • Data structure and design
  • Audio Data Structure;
  • Audio integration with FMOD and Unity;