In Star Trek Fleet Command Android & iOS, the player starts with a small space station and one ship. You can then explore a vast system populated with other players and NPC planets, where you can pick up missions. These missions give the player resources used to upgrade the space station and invest in new ships to help you explore further and then mine resources needed to level up.

There is also a combat system which happens in real time, where you either attack NPC ships or other players. There is an alliance system, where you can join friends to help progress each other’s upgrades. You can chat with these players or chat to other players in a global chat window.

There are also events which give the players various rewards such as base resources, refined materials, officer xp, ship xp, officer shards, ship blueprints and faction points.

Principal tasks

  • Implemented core features;
  • Client/Server Requests;
  • Client/Server Data Handling;
  • Data transfer & storage;
  • Persistent game data;
  • Network connections;
  • UI/UX Programming;
  • Bug Fixing;